Friday, May 10, 2013

Why are hedge fund titans so upset about the stock market boom?

Why can’t the financial elite stop worrying and learn to love this market rally?

From WashPo:  "....Let’s start with inflation. Many of the strongest critics of central banks’ easy money policies  are convinced that we either already have, or soon will have, high inflation. Most price measures show inflation that is actually below the 2 percent that the Federal Reserve aims for, but a common view among the financial commentariat is that either those numbers are cooked or that eventually they will zoom upward and the central banks will be unable or unwilling to raise interest rates to contain it.

"They could be right — we are in uncharted territory for central banks. But while joblessness and below-par economic growth are the main economic stories across the developed world, it seems like an odd time to worry so much about what seems like a distant threat. And inflation may be more troubling for wealthy investors than others; if you are a large investor, you are probably a net creditor, and thus have plenty to lose if inflation means you get paid back in less valuable dollars…."

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