Saturday, May 18, 2013

Whoa! SAC Balks Over Feds' Insider Trading Inquiry

From Dealbook: The government’s insider trading investigation of the giant hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors entered a more contentious phase this week, with criminal authorities issuing a new round of subpoenas requesting information about the firm’s activities, according to lawyers briefed on the case.
The requests, which numbered more than a dozen, indicate that federal prosecutors and the F.B.I. are intensifying their efforts to build a case against the firm and its executives, including its billionaire founder, Steven A. Cohen, 56.

The government’s newly aggressive posture led to an unusual response from the hedge fund. On Friday, SAC told its investors in a letter that it was no longer fully cooperating with the investigation.

“While we have in the past told you of our cooperation with the government’s investigation, our cooperation is no longer unconditional,” the letter said…..

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