Friday, May 31, 2013

11 Horror Stories About The Killer Exam That Wall Streeters Will Be Taking This Saturday

One True Tale of Fear and Loathing From BI: CFA test-takers witnessed a girl get locked out of the exam room after the break session during the level 2 exam.

"Between the morning and afternoon sections of the CFA exam, there's a two hour break.  The proctors always warn you to get back to the exam room like 10-15 minutes before the break ends because they start reading instructions for the next part of the exam right when the 2 hours is up.

Just before the 2 hour mark (or maybe it was right at the 2-hour mark), the proctor started reading the instructions over the loudspeakers, but the doors to the entrance were still open.
Then, one girl walks through the door in mid-instruction. She was probably right on time, but late by CFA test standards.
The proctor stops reading, and tells the girl over the loud speaker: "I'm sorry, you have to go back through the doors." The girl stepped back, then the proctor said on the loud speaker "Can someone close that door?"  Everyone watched as the door closed on the girl, who just had this blank stare on her face. You could feel the collective gasp in the room as what just happened weighed down on everyone. Six months of study wasted.  

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