Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hamptons Slummer rental: Locals’ trade million-dollar homes for a 2-month trailer-park stay

 $50,000 RENTAL INCOME - $16,800 TRAILER SPACE = $33,200 PROFIT

From NY Post: Hamptons residents are trading in their luxury million-dollar homes for the summer — to live in a trailer park.
 The savvy folks are squeezing into digs the size of a tiny Manhattan studio so they can lease out their sought-after houses and rake in thousands of dollars during the sizzling summer rental season.

“We call it ‘glamping,’ or glamour-camping,” said real-estate agent Danielle Becker-Wilson, 36, who jumped on the bandwagon and is temporarily ditching her million-dollar pad for a trailer at “Montauk Shores Condominiums” — also known as the Ditch Plains Trailer Park — in Montauk….

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