Friday, May 31, 2013

The SAC Case: A Classic Dilemma

The New York Times’ James B Stewart writes: “Imagine the pressure on Mathew Martoma, the 38-year-old former portfolio manager at SAC Capital Advisors charged with insider trading who may — or may not — be in a position to implicate Steven A. Cohen, the hedge fund’s billionaire founder and owner.

“So far, Mr. Martoma has defiantly asserted his innocence and refused to cooperate with prosecutors. He could change his mind, but the clock is ticking. The government faces a mid-July deadline when it must decide whether to seek criminal charges against Mr. Cohen relating to the trades at the center of Mr. Martoma’s case.

For all concerned, the stakes are huge….With a net worth estimated by Forbes at $9.3 billion, Mr. Cohen could be the marquee name that would lend the investigation a new level of public awareness and potential deterrence.  Mr. Martoma could face decades in prison if convicted. His potential prison term is especially severe because the federal sentencing guidelines are based on the amount of the illegal profit, which in Mr. Martoma’s case are said to be huge. Prosecutors have called the case the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever….

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