Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weird Special: ‘Marijuana Hedge Fund’ Not Actually A Marijuana Hedge Fund

HedgeCo.Net today offers the exciting prospect of a very, very specialized alternative investments product in one hell of a headline. Alas, as becomes clear as one reaches the end of this press release-ish piece, a pot hedge fund is simply too stupid an idea to be true. But investing in a weed-laced munchies manufacturer? Some think that is a less stupid idea.

Latteno has been approached by several small cap hedge funds and boutique investment houses about a near term private placement and cash infusion to fund its growth and acquisitions.
And what has these hedge funds and boutique I-banks so excited?

“Latteno Food Corp.’s wholly-owned subsidiary Green Cannabis, has rolled-out it’s first set of medical marijuana edible products consisting of Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Chip Cookies all made out of Cannabutter. The peanut butter cups consist 200mg of THC, Indica, the chocolate bars contain a full gram of hash and the chocolate chip cookies contain 105THC, 1.3 CBD and 1.1 CBN….”

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