Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The First Jobs Of 13 Wall Street Titans (Smile. It's Hump Day!)

From BI: Before they were the masters of the universe, many of the biggest names in finance worked jobs outside of Wall Street.  We're talking about things from bagging walnuts to selling peanuts to delivering newspapers and attending parking lots.

Steve Cohen worked in the produce section of a grocery store.  Steve Cohen was a "fruit boy" at Bohack supermarket where he made a $1.85 an hour. He quit that job because he was making more at the poker table. 

Phil Falcone was a professional hockey player.  After graduating from Harvard, Falcone played hockey professionally for a year in Sweden.  He was injured and went to work on Wall Street….

David Tepper paid his college tuition by working at a library.   Tepper took a job at the University of Pittsburgh's fine arts library to help pay for school. He told Bloomberg TV's Stephanie Ruhle that he tried to get a job at McDonalds in high school.  "… I tried to get a job at McDonald's. I couldn't get a job. They would not hire me. It was a problem to get a hairnet over the afro," he said.

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