Saturday, May 11, 2013

7 Brilliant Insights From The Mothers Of Personal Finance Experts

In light of Mother's Day, we thought we'd celebrate by asking some bright personal finance minds some of the most important money lessons their moms every taught them:

"Never rely on someone else to take care of you –– not even your husband."
––Kendal Perez, blogger at

"Don't be afraid of banks. Be better than them…. There are far too many people who demonize the financial services environment and cause us to fear banks, fear credit cards and fear debt. That's just silly.  I was always taught by my parents that it's better to understand and leverage the financial services system than it was to be scared of it and avoid it."
––John Ulzheimer, CEO of

"You're never too young to have a side hustle."  "While I was fortunate enough to always have what I needed growing up, any extras were on me. Starting at age 12 or so I worked weekends and summers at my mom’s store coupled with other jobs, like babysitting and busing tables. I saved my little paychecks namely for concerts, vintage clothing shopping excursions and special trips to Newbury Comics in Boston for Duran Duran Japanese 12 imports. All those years saving for those little extras instilled in me a solid work ethic and a penchant for saving my pennies."

–Trae Bodge, Senior Editor, Retail Me Not

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