Friday, March 8, 2013

Weird’s Deep Thoughts (Friday Noon Revelation Edition): Study Shows Prison a Career Booster

From CNBC: The United States has the highest reported incarceration rate in the world, and the debate has raged for decades: does prison reform the bad guys, or simply make them better at committing crimes?

Theories abound, but it's worth considering one study that argues spending time in prison actually helps a person increase their earnings power from criminal activity.

A criminal who continues to engage in illegal activity after serving time will make roughly $6,300 more a year than a person who's served no time in prison, according Ohio University Sociologist Donald Hutcherson.

"I wanted to see if spending time in prison actually led towards failure in the conventional labor market; and once you fail there, does it lead to success in the underground economy," he said. "And I found that's the case."

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