Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Close Your Eyes and Think of England: From Finance to Sex Therapy- London Bankers Escape

From CNBC: Simon Broomer, managing director and founder of career specialists CareerBalance, told CNBC that he had seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of City workers calling on his company for advice on what to do after losing their jobs.  Many of those workers are turning to career coaches and advisors to enhance their resumes as the competition heats up, while others, Broomer said, "just want to get away from the City and do something different."

Case in point: Mike Lousada, an investment banker turned sex therapist, told CNBC that City workers should "follow their passion" and find an interest they could even develop into their own business. Having worked for two decades at Nomura, JP Morgan, Barclays and Societe Generale "amongst others," Lousada told CNBC that his change of career from banking to sexual healing was a life choice.

Called the "orgasm guru" among London's chattering classes, Lousada has built up a reputation as a talented sex therapist with a long waiting list of clients paying 300 pounds ($454) for a therapy session with him...

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