Thursday, March 21, 2013

News You Can Use: Ten words that should never appear on a financial services CV

Hereisthecity's Sarah Butcher writes:  You’re applying for jobs in financial services and you’re trying to assemble the perfect resume. The definition of perfection will vary depending upon the job you’re applying to: the best résumés are usually tailored to particular job descriptions.
However, there are also some universal rules of CV writing –  and there are some words that should never, ever, inveigle their way in:

1. ‘Unemployed’  On no account should your CV mention the words, ‘unemployed’, ‘unemployment’, ‘redundancy,’ or ‘layoff’.  They are all too negative. Instead, you should use positive and empowered phrases like, ‘career break,’ advised Jeremy L’Anson, a career coach and author who works with investment bankers.

2. ‘Dynamic’ Professional résumé writers warn against using clichéd words and phrases which appear on almost every CV. “There are words which are used so much that they’re meaningless,” said Victoria Maclean at City CV in London. Maclean said these include: ‘dynamic’, ‘proven track record’, ‘team player’, ‘succeed in a fast paced environment’ and ‘innovative.’ “You see ‘innovative’ written on 90 percent of CVs,” she added...

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