Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Introducing…Quant Trading for Little Guys

Ta-Da!  A new technology shop wants to bring quantitative investing to the masses.

From Hedge Fund Alert: QuantConnect is rolling out a cloud-based service that gives aspiring quant managers the tools to design and execute trading strategies and back-test their programs with historical market data. The offering promises to remove a big hurdle for many quant traders — namely, the high cost of accessing years of market data and the computing power needed to crunch the numbers. QuantConnect is offering the technology free of charge.

The New York firm has been beta-testing the service for the past year with 20-30 programmers, including computer engineers already employed at financial firms and graduate students pursuing careers in quantitative-investment management. In recent months, it has signed up nearly 600 prospective clients at conferences such as TechCrunch in San Francisco and Finovate in London — among them, dozens of Facebook and Google staffers. ...
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