Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Worst Company In America Round 1: Best Buy Vs. Walmart

The first-round fisticuffs continue with today’s centerpiece bout that pits two big-box boxers to a fight to the death, all for the bloodthirsty enjoyment of WCIA fans around the world.

In one corner, wearing the blue and yellow trunks and trying to sell you an extended warranty, is the Minnesota Mauler — Best Buy! He’s had a rough go of it this year, losing head trainer and CEO Brian “The Dishes Are” Dunn to scandal. Meanwhile, the guy who got Best Buy into the game in the first place, Richard “Richard” Schulze, failed to woo his former pupil back to his gym.
In the other corner, wearing blue and white trunks and taking a smoke break just as you need his assistance, is the Brawler of Bentonville — Walmart!  It may be the nation’s largest retailer, but it never fails to disappoint. Just look at the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, which had Walmart rated lowest in both the Supermarket and Discount/Dept. Store categories for 2012….

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