Thursday, March 14, 2013

Secrets of A Fugitive Fund Manager

By the time Florian Homm was arrested last Friday at an art gallery in Italy, the former hedge fund manager and chief investment officer of Absolute Capital Management Holdings had been a fugitive for six years, accused of defrauding investors of $200 million.  Six years? That’s just the beginning of our questions. Herewith, some answers.

Can you really disappear with enough money?  Yes. To do so, it’s crucial to sock your money away in a safe place before you’re faced with criminal charges. Frank M. Ahearn, a privacy expert and author of How to Disappear, says the best white-collar criminals think like mobsters. “Florian Homm isn’t any different from Boston mobster Whitey Bulger,” he says. “You have to anticipate that the end is always around the corner….

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