Saturday, March 2, 2013

JPMorgan No. 1 Investment Bank Amid a Flurry of New Deals

From Bloomberg: Investment banking, after five long, hard years of negative or anemic growth, job cuts, pay cuts and public lashings, is on the verge of a comeback. Really, it is -- if the data can be believed.

All the economic statistics show that the markets are ripe for a rebound in mergers and acquisitions and equity issuance in 2013, dealmakers say….

Yet Bank of America Corp. (BAC)’s top investment banker is guarded in his forecast, and he isn’t alone, Bloomberg Markets magazine will report in its April issue.

“I hesitate to be the one that says 2013 will be the year, because invariably it may not,” says Christian Meissner, BofA’s head of global corporate and investment banking. “But I think that we’re pretty close to it changing.”

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