Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Now There's A Solution To The Biggest Problem With Wall Street Bonus Season

As BI’s Linette Lopez tells it:  It's not polite to talk about your bonus on Wall Street. It's also not polite to ask someone about their bonus on Wall Street.  Unfortunately, that makes it very hard for Wall Streeters to do exactly what they want to do when they get their bonus — find out how it compares to everyone else's.

Now there's an app for that. For $11.99 Banker's Bonus 2013 (by Neurorecovery) will..."Compare your 2013 bonus to others’ around the world! Make sure you’re getting what you’re worth!"

To start, input your position, sector, location, bank, bonus, and years of service.
From there the app will calculate your rank among other bankers in with similar critera, and/or shows you a league table with anonymous bonus figures from bankers around the world…..

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