Sunday, December 23, 2012

Steak Lovers Brace Yourselves….

NY steakhouses suffer as Midwest drought sends meat prices soaring  The Midwest drought is putting a chill on the grill.  Meat prices are “through the roof,” said William Degel, owner of Uncle Jack’s Steakhouses in Midtown and Queens. “It’s at an all-time high.”

He says he’s been forced to serve smaller portions and raise prices — the porterhouse for two increased by $5 to $94 and the filet mignon by $2 to $35 for the 10-ounce and $45 for the 16-ounce. “Even chopped meat has gone up dollars a pound,” Degel said.

Beef was already in short supply — a victim of earlier droughts and rises in the costs of fuel and feed. During this year’s drought, ranchers reluctant to buy expensive grain feed brought young — and thin — cattle to market early, which will spur another shortage and could threaten fatter cuts of beef….

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