Friday, December 28, 2012

Hitler parody leaves French bank BNP red-faced

From mobile.france24: French banking giant BNP was left red-faced this week after it emerged managers were shown a motivational video featuring a parody of a famous scene from the film "Downfall" in which Adolf Hitler is portrayed as the boss of Germany's Deutsche Bank.
It’s a scene that has been parodied thousands of times before to comic effect. But it appears not many people have seen the funny side of one particular version made by executives of French bank BNP Paribas.

The moment in the 2004 German film "Downfall" when Hitler, played by Bruno Ganz, berates his generals upon realising the war is lost has been reworked to satirize just about every crucial moment in modern sport and politics.

Whether they portray the F├╝hrer realising that Manchester United have lost the league title or that Barack Obama has been re-elected, the spoof videos have proved undisputed hits on YouTube.
But the version created by two executives at BNP is unlikely to go viral. In the video, which was shown to around 100 managers from around the world at a seminar in Amsterdam last year, Hitler is turned into a fuming boss of Germany’s Deutsche Bank reacting furiously to news that BNP has gained an edge in the foreign exchange market…..

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