Thursday, August 23, 2012

From Our Great-Work-If-You-Can-Get-It Dept.: New Best Buy CEO Ends Up With $6.25 Million (Even If He Isn’t Able To Take The Job)

According to the Consumerist: Earlier this week, Best Buy unveiled a new CEO in the form of hotel/restaurant exec Hubert Joly. And now come the details of just how well Joly will be compensated -- even if he is never able to actually do the job he's been hired to do.

See, Hubert is a French citizen, which means he's got to wait for visa approval in order to take the job. But Best Buy's hometown newspaper the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Joly would receive a $6.25 million payment from the electronics retailer if the visa is denied.

Of course, that's highly unlikely, as we're talking about the head of a multibillion dollar retail giant and not some college kid looking for a summer job…..

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