Friday, June 7, 2013

Americans Freak Out As They Realize How Much Data The Government Collects

According to the Daily Ticker’s Henry Blodget: news stories published over the past couple of days have revealed just how much information the U.S. National Security Agency collects about the communications of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The Guardian, for example, reported that Verizon has been sending the U.S. government "metadata" about all of its telephone records so the government can analyze who is talking to who, when, and where.
The Washington Post followed up with an even more shocking story, which said that the government "directly [taps] into the central servers" of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, and other leading tech companies and monitors communications in real time...

Not surprisingly, the revelation that the U.S. government collects and analyzes trillions of global communications has freaked out not just privacy advocates but ordinary citizens.  And now that the extent of the government's intelligence program has been revealed, it's certainly worth having a national conversation about how much information the government should have access to and what legal hurdles investigators should have to clear when they collect and analyze specific information about specific people….

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