Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Next King of Goldman?

Inside Goldman Sachs, Gary D. Cohn is the man who is waiting — and waiting — to be king. He has long been considered the heir apparent of Lloyd C. Blankfein, who has been the chairman and chief executive of the elite Wall Street firm since 2006. But Mr. Blankfein has shown few signs that he is ready to step aside, Goldman insiders told CNBC.

After steering the firm through the financial crisis and surviving a firestorm over allegations that Goldman had bet against its own clients, Mr. Blankfein, 58, now appears to be enjoying himself. He has become an elder statesman of finance. But unlike past Goldman chieftains, he is not widely talked about as a candidate for a high-level job in Washington.  So Mr. Blankfein has regrown a beard and come to embrace the limelight, giving speeches on gay marriage and education, and attending celebrity Oscar parties. He often jokes that he plans to die at his desk  It is no laughing matter for Mr. Cohn, who as Goldman's 52-year-old president is the Prince Charles of Wall Street…

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