Friday, January 4, 2013

Weird’s Deep thoughts (Friday Noon Edition): Is Steve Jobs Really Gone??

From Marketssafari: “The always honest and diligent Brooklyn Investor has new post. He’s (even more) bearish on AAPL. After studying Polaroid’s destiny post-Edwin Land, and after reading Walter Isaacson’s detailed descriptions of Steve Jobs, our man in Brooklyn is convinced that Apple won’t be able to continue its success. The “Key Man Risk” is being fully realized.

“You see, often the most successful companies are built upon (and therefore existentially depend on) the genius of a single person. Apple has other very smart people – Tim Cook, the operator-guru, and Sir Jon Ive, of industrial design nobility – but they need Jobs to tell them what to do.

“Fair enough.  But I spot a flaw in TBI’s logic. Let’s take his premise for granted – I think he’s mostly right, anyway: Jobs was a unique genius; a vital component to Apple’s success.  Now consider two other important facts: Jobs knew he would die prematurely, and he also knew, as TBI repeats, that Tim Cook is Not A Product Guy.  Putting these two facts together, what do we find…..”

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