Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flying Under the Radar: A Stock Market Streak That Has Drawn Few Cheers

On May 30, 1982, Cal Ripken Jr. played a solid game in the infield for the Baltimore Orioles. He did it again the next game and the game after that and the next game, too. According to the NY Times Ripken didn't miss a game for 16 years.

Baseball's legions of statisticians have made it easy to track Ripken's achievements — as well as those that are far more obscure. (Who held the Orioles' club record for most consecutive games until Ripken broke it on May 4, 1985? Does anyone care? No matter, it's in the books: Brooks Robinson, another superstar infielder, with 463 games.)

Making money is, arguably, the true national pastime of the United States. While the financial game isn't always analyzed with quite the same lan as baseball, Paul T. Hickey, co-founder of the Bespoke Investment Group, has unearthed a noteworthy financial streak — one that is still under most people's radar….

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