Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sign of the Times: Hot-Shot Banking Analyst At A Major Bank In 'The City' Asks The Age-Old Question — Do I Deserve A Million Dollars?

Ever since Wall Street (and its like neighborhoods around the world) started paying massive salaries and bonuses, the question has come up — do these people actually deserve this answer?  One banking analyst in London gave The Guardian's Joris Luyendijk this super candid answer.

From The Guardian:"Do I deserve a million? Well, do you and I deserve to live in the first world? Currently I am at director level, with about £150,000 in salary, plus a bonus which last year came to $1m (about £650,000 at the time). This was my best year ever by the way, by at least a factor of two.

"Do I think the balance between skill and pay is right? If a client is managing a £10bn fund and you stop him from making a mistake that would have cost him 2%, and you do that two or three times a year… That is worth a lot."

So, in short, he's saying 'yes.

Just pulling your todger, but if you still want more:

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