Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet The New Google: Gadget Maker

Google stepped up its campaign to become a major player in consumer electronics, topped by a $199 tablet computer that could pressure  while adding yet another challenger to market leader Apple Inc., the WSJ reports. The company unveiled the tablet at a developer conference Wednesday alongside other hardware it designed for the first time—a $299 home-entertainment player called Nexus Q and futuristic eyewear dubbed Google Glass that embeds a computer display in a glasses-like device.

For Google, the transition to hardwar¥e has become necessary as Apple continues to encroach on the Internet-search giant's territory with major software applications.  Earlier this month, for instance, Apple touted a number of new software products, including a mapping service that would replace Google Maps as the default system for Apple devices. Meanwhile, software titan Microsoft Corp. MSFT +0.50% last week added its own branded tablet to the fray, furthering the turf wars….

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