Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DA’s blow to Wall Street ‘brawler’

The Manhattan DA’s Office has come out swinging against the New York Athletic Club’s unofficial boxing team — three pals from Long Island’s North Fork charged in an embarrassing bar brawl at the stodgy club. At a brief court appearance yesterday, prosecutors said they want one of the three men — Peter Doran, 28, of Glen Head — to serve a half year in jail for throwing punches during the April 13 fracas. Doran allegedly threw the first roundhouse against another guest at the club’s usually sedate second-floor Tap Room.

Prosecutors also said they want a second man, Matthew O’Grady, 31, of Glen Cove — accused of joining in on the fisticuffs — to serve eight days of community service.

Both O’Grady and Doran said through their lawyers yesterday that they have no interest in pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault and taking the DA’s recommended sentences.  Prosecutors haven’t even made an offer to the young broker charged with causing the most severe injuries, Colin Drowica, 30, of Glen Head. Drowica allegedly punched another guest hard enough to fracture his eye socket.

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