Friday, June 15, 2012

Rich Russian Wants More Robots

From Businessweek: Dmitry Grishin, CEO of Russian e-mail and social networking giant, has an elaborate wedding fantasy. He sees robotic drones flying around the guests and snapping their every move from every angle. “People today have very standard pictures,” Grishin says. “If you have drones, you can attach a camera and make very nice and different movies and pictures.” Add some bartender robots, and you get quicker refills, too.

On Friday, Grishin, 33, declared his intentions to fund a robotics revolution. He’s going to set up an investment company—Grishin Robotics—in New York, backed by $25 million of his dollars, that will look out for startups doing promising robotics work. Grishin intends to focus on consumer, as opposed to industrial robotic, applications. ”I think it’s very important to bring robotics to the mass market,” Grishin says. “Huge innovation will only come when people see the results in their everyday lives….”

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