Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The New New Thing: Banker Roommates Follow Zuckerberg Not Blankfein With IvyConnect

From Bloomberg: A former GE Capital associate with a fuchsia handgun on his $185 lilac tie gave out his business card near a Danish man twirling a Turkish woman. An American International Group Inc. (AIG) employee left out his firm’s name when he said he works in risk.  They had come to a lower Manhattan classic-car gallery April 18 for what Philipp Triebel, co-chief executive officer of IvyConnect, calls a new “private members club for the most inspiring people.”

A former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. associate in the Special Situations Group, which invests the firm’s own money, Triebel started IvyConnect last year with ex-Morgan Stanley (MS) investment banker Beri Meric, 28. They threw their first party in November.

Members are “intellectually curious risk-takers,” said Triebel, 31. “We want the hedge-fund guy the same as we want a painter or a yoga instructor. We also want a lawyer, because we believe there’s value to bringing them together….”

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