Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Infamous Trader With A $320,000 Bar Tab Has Been Charged In A $7 Million Unauthorized Investment Scheme

From BI: Alex Hope, the young trader who dropped over $320,000 on champagne and Grey Goose at a Liverpool nightclub last year, has been charged in relation with a $7.7 million unauthorized investment scheme.

ZeroHedge has the full bio.  We've included a brief excerpt below (emphasis ours): 
As his confidence and knowledge grew, Alex knew this was the world for him and at 20 years old he headed for the city and soon found employment at The Forex Academy in early 2010 as a FX & Commodity Trader. In July this year, he stepped into the spotlight when his career was profiled in The Daily Telegraph, subsequently Alex went onto to work at leading Trading and Commodities company, Zone Invest Group. For a career that started out trading on the local market stalls for pocket money, to a modest £21k salary in the hospitality industry, Alex has since followed his dream in the trading world and his basic salary has entered the six figure bracket!

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