Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Mayor Bloomberg’s Start-Up Overture Is Missing

Mayor Bloomberg is out and about today, touting his office's new "We Are Made in NY" start-up outreach program, which helps fledgling tech companies navigate the challenges of opening up shop in New York City. The site is essentially a media campaign for the New York tech scene, accompanied by features like a job listings board and a consolidated list of start-up resources. The mayor went to BuzzFeed's downtown headquarters to launch the program, and they spun his appearance into a listicle called "11 Reasons to Start a Company in New York City."

Mayor Bloomberg is clearly aiming his overture at one particular kind of business: the small, new tech start-up, started in New York and with the vast majority of operations still located in the city. (To apply to the We Are Made in NY program, tech companies have to answer the question, "Does 75% of your technology development take place in New York City?"). ..

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