Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bulls eyeing Dow 16K

It’s the running of the bulls — again.  The Dow Jones industrial index is having its biggest rip-roaring ascent in decades — an upside propelling it to record 2013 highs, market pros tell the NY Post

One vet on the New York Stock Exchange floor last week saw the Dow being catapulted well above its record close set in October 2007. It reached 14,164 back then.

By year-end the bulls will take the Dow past 15,000 and, hey, possibly to 16,000, says veteran Big Board floor trader Peter Doyle.  That view has gained plenty of currency lately. The Dow has had its best January in some two decades. And the bull run is gaining steam — despite warnings from bears on the sidelines. On Tuesday, for example, the Dow tantalizingly closed within 1 percent of its record 2007 high…


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