Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Financial Industry Psychopath: Banker Burns Down Ex-Girlfriend's Parents' House After Getting Dumped

HuffPo writes: Remember the investment manager who sent a creepy email that landed on reddit? What about the insane investment banker who broke into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and pretended to be an Israeli secret agent?

Still, none of these quite top the most recent report of one banker in the U.K. who armed himself with a slew of weapons, including two crossbows and a rifle, and allegedly burned down his ex-girlfriend's parents house, reports the Mirror.

A Canadian citizen, 42-year-old Al Amin Dhalla allegedly began his four month terror campaign after Alison Hewitt, a 35-year old trainee doctor living in Brighton, ended their relationship in December of 2010, notes the Daily Mail. The pair met through a dating agency and, after a few months, the pair moved in together in Hewitt's home.

But Hewitt's parents became suspicious of the man after he expressed wishes to quickly wed their daughter and later discovered a hidden criminal record….

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